Opening hours:

Monday- Saturday: 11.00-21.00
Sunday: 12.00-18.00

Welcome to Villa Rosehagen!

Villa Rosehagen is a pleasant restaurant located inside of a beautiful wooden house that is full of history. It is a great place for both children and adults.

Once you enter here, you can feel the exceptional atmosphere of the house. As if it would have a soul; and as we believe, the soul arose out of its very rich history.

We serve a wide variety of meals which are based on local products. You can find here different forms of delicious lunch and exquisite evening dinner. 

One of the exceptional features of Villa Rosehagen is its location and an amazing view with the fjord and our beautiful garden which counts around 90 species of roses. We have a big terrace, so you can enjoy the meal outside while admiring the beautiful view.

Additionally, we hold a small boutique corner inside of the restaurant. Here you can find good quality local products and souvenirs.

Welcome to the tasteful journey into Villa Rosehagen!

Table reservation is not necessary, but may operate as follows:

Daytime: Groups of more than 6 persons, or with special requirements.

Evening: All are advised to be notified before.

Otherwise, we have drop-in tables and many possibilities to arrange the space.

From Thursday till Saturday the kitchen is open until 21.00, so here you have perfect opportunities to plan a nice evening with your friends or family.

You are very welcome!

In some of the days we host some private parties and celebrations. Some evenings we have concerts and other arrangements. Check our social media to find out about events and happenings that involve any changes in the opening hours.


Rooms rental

Private Dining and Meeting Rooms

We arrange all types of events and offer the rental of our premises for various purposes such as private parties, business meetings, courses, or funeral banquets.

We have ready-made offers with everything from transport, entertainment, food, and drink, and we always try to meet the requirements of our clients, so feel free to ask about any details if you are interested to celebrate any occasion at our place.


Occasionally, we organise concerts, art exhibitions, and other cultural events. Check out the upcoming arrangements here: