Find a perfect accommodation in our area. You can find several accommodation options in Jørpeland and the surrounding areas.

Below you will find links to some of them:


Verkshotellet is a historic hotel located just across the street from Villa Rosehagen. We host many nice guests from the hotel who come to us to enjoy a good lunch, or a fine dinner in the evening. Also, we offer a breakfast service as a good alternative for all of the hotel guests.

Lilland Bryggerihotell

This one is located in Tau, only a short drive away from Villa Rosehagen. Lilland hotell is a nice place to stay overnight. There is a bus from Jørpelandsvågen to Tau. In case you have own car, there is a free parking near to the hotel. Check the hotel's own website for more information. 

The Bolder

With its distinctive design and location by the Lysefjord in Ryfylke, The Bolder is a unique place to stay. Four of the cabins are designed by Snøhetta. 

Lysefjorden Hyttegrend 

Along the fjord there are several cabins that you can rent. Eatch one have a beautiful view over the fjord.

The cabins are only 5 min from the harbour at Oanes.

Gøysa Gard

Gøysa Gard is perfectly located in the small village of Forsand, with a stunning view over Lysefjorden and the surrounding mountains. 20 min from the Preikestol hike.
Gøysa Gard is the perfect place to stay while exploring Lysefjorden and the Stavanger region. Gøysa Gard can accommodate up to 25 guests in five separate units .

Parking for Camper Vans and the harbour

There are several opportunities to park with camper van in our area. One of them is in Jørpelandsvågen; a nice guest harbour for tourist, campers and boats. You can admire a beautiful view and discover several hiking opportunities there. 

Only 2 min. walk from Villa Rosehagen you can also find the central parking for trade and restaurants. For more information about camper van parking and the guest's harbour, click on the link to the Ryfylkebyen's website, and scroll down the page. 


Camp 773 is a scout yard by Liarvatnet in Jørpeland. Nice for short as well as long walks, or just gatherings around the campfire. There is enough space for everyone, who needs a good starting point and accommodation in a tent or cabin. This is a good starting point especially if the goal is Pulpit Rock or Heiahorn. Here you will find many hiking trails and various activities on the water, in the forest, on the campsite and in the mountains.