Mountains and fjords

Jørpeland is surrounded by beautiful nature! Here you can experience both mountains and fjords. Below you can find some links for nice trips and places that we recommend visiting. There is more to see than the Pulpit Rock!

7-nuts tour

The 7 nuts tour involves climbing on the peaks of the mountains around Jørpeland. It counts around 23 kilometres, and you must climb 1 400 meters to reach all the 7 hill tops. The mountains are not so demanding individually, but all together can be a good challenge. Click on the picture to get more information. 


You can easily explore this lovely island, which is just a few minutes' walk from Villa Rosehagen. This small island is very popular among tourists and inhabitants, as a quite new attraction; since the bridge that connects the island with the town was built only few years ago. There is a great hiking road that goes around, and is suitable for both baby stroller and wheelchairs. Along the road there are many nice picnic and swimming areas. Also, you can see a bit of art there! Like 'Solspeilet'; the artwork, which is located very close on Klungsholmen, or several wooden sculptures made by a local artist. 

Besides all that, there is a great opportunity to play Frisbee on Jørpealndsholmen!

Highly recommended!

30 Turtips

Reisemål Ryfylke has made a booklet with 30 tips for tours in the Ryfylke region. Several of the trips have the starting points in Jørpeland. Click the image to get the overview. Good luck with the trips!

Kajakk og SUP-utleie

Just below our restaurant you can find Fjord Expeditions rental of kayaks and SUP boards. Jørepaldnsvågen is a good starting point for great experiences on the beautiful fjord! Clock on the image to see the home page and read more about their offers.

Stisykling (Cycling Road)

Dalen' cycling road is an attractive, mountain path for cyclists. It is located just off the power station and Jørpelandselva, approximately 5 minutes by car from the city centre in Jørpeland. Click the image for more information


You can find out more about regional hiking, tour descriptions, tour tips and maps on ut.no website, or by downloading the app, There are many great tour opportunities in our Strand region, click on the picture and search where you want to travel!

Swimming areas 

There are many swimming possibilities in Jørpeland. Barkavika, Kuvika, Nordyls and Jørpleandsholem have very nice beaches. You can also bath in Jørpeland's river, it has several bathing spots but the most popular is Stemmen; small waterfall. Follow Dalaveien along the river from the city centre, and after 5 minutes' drive you will see Stemmen on the right hand. We recommend it!

Golf in various forms 

Preikestolen Golfklubb

Halfway the road to Preikestolen Fjellstue you can find Preikestolen Golfklubb. Click on the picture to get to their website.

Frisbee Golf on Jørpelandsholmen

Only few minutes' walk from Villa Rosehagen, there is frequently used Frisbee golf course. It is a very nice way to spend time actively in the surrounding of beautiful nature! Open and free for everyone!