Welcome to Villa Rosehagen!

Since 1912

Our food profile

Our cuisine is based on local good quality products. We follow the regional traditions, but taking inspirations from internationally known recipes, we tend to offer you a bit of a modern taste from different parts of Norway and the rest of world.

Our Housewife comes from Finnmark and willingly incorporates products and habits from that part of Norway. 

Ryfylke region provides a variety of good quality and clean ingredients, and we are so glad to share them with our guests in the best possible way!

Our food premiss?

Made with love and respect for the raw ingredients- full of taste and enough in portion to satisfy each stomach. 

Our history

The beautiful wooden house in Art Nouveau style, was built in 1912 to be a residence for operations managers of Stavanger Steel company

Over time the house has been called "Grahamhuset"; named after George Marlow Graham, who came to Jørpeland in 1924. He worked as operations manager at the Steel company until his death in 1956. At the time when Jørpeland was a small industrial village; where social differences were rather big, Graham and other managers were leading a wonderful life with their servants.

They were surrounded by the beautiful garden with their own trout pond, which today counts around 90 different rose species. The historic roses were donated by Idar Jansen, one of the best rose connoisseurs in Norway.

The smell of roses is incredible during the blooming time, and together with the amazing view towards Jørpeland's harbour and the fiord, make our place very exceptional.

In the garden you can also see some steel sculptures that were a part of the art project, Melting Pot.

Our location

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Jørpeland, close to the main shopping street in the centre. It is only five minutes' walk from the beautiful Jørpelandsholmen; an island which has become a recreation area with nice beaches and beautiful wood cravings.

In addition, we are in the immediate vicinity of the popular Pulpit Rock.